I am trying to trace my ancestors, who lived in Station Road, Newchapel.

My Great grand-dad was William Robert Green, who lived with his wife, Jane Green, nee Fox, at 11 Station Road around 1900.
He was the School Master of the National School at the corner of Station Road and High Street, Newchapel. They had many children, but my Grandmother was named Elizabeth.

I am also trying to trace the other side of the family who's name is Heath.

My Great grand-dad was James Heath, who was the Sexton at St James' s Church. He was married to Elizabeth Heath, nee Dawson. They too had many children and my Grandfather was named William. When Elizabeth and William marrried they lived at 13 or 15 Station Road. (15 being the old school house opposite the Church.) I am sure there are lots of Heath's and Green's living in the area still and I would love to know if anyone can shed any light on the families at all.

I note that there are photos of both properties on your website and I wonder if anyone who lived in them at a later date knew any
of the history.

Well here's hoping

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