I've just started my family tree and my mum tells me my grandmother comes from this area. I have an address which is, 33 high street, Harriseahead, Newchapel.
My grandmothers name was Gladys May Swingewood, her parents were Thomas and Mary Ellen Swingewood.
The date and information comes from a copy of my grandmothers birth certificate, the date is1901.
If you have any information about the family I would be most intrested.

yours hopefully

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Hi Adger,

I don't know if you've heard about me but I've been doing the Swingewood familytree for over 10yrs now and I've got over 1800 in it dating back to 1630, I have lots of info on the Harriseahead Swingewoods as most of my family comes from that area and I live close by at Kidsgrove, if you need any info please feel free to ask.

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