Harriseahead Coop 1909
Courtesy Adger

In 1909 it was decided by the Co-operative Wholesale Society Commitee that the Biddulph Branch of the Co-op was too small for the trade being asked of it, and that a further branch was needed. After much deliberation, and visits to appropriate sites, it was decided to open a branch at Harriseahead.
Property was bought in Chapel Lane for £850-00, that consisted of two shops with attached dwelling houses, and two further cottages, all were freehold. One of the shops with an attached bakehouse was completely refurbished, and fitted out as a grocery store by Mr C.W.Machin of Biddulph. The total cost of the shop and fittings was £704 12s 9d . The shop was officially opened on March 24th 1910, the shopkeeper was Mr J.Townley and the first ten weeks takings amounted to £1,671.