Lance Harvey & The Kingpins

We used to go to the youth club at the Primitive Methodist Chapel (Harriseahead) in the 1950s & it was where my brother Harvey, later known as Lance Harvey & the Kingpins, first performed with a group in public.
The group members then were:- Ivor Foulkes, (Rhythm Guitar ,Harriseahead), Mick Jones (Bass,Sands Road) Ray Smith (Drums, Mow Cop) I think George Copeland was with them as well as lead guitar & of course Harvey. I remember his 1st mike stand was made of a piece of metal tubing welded onto a an old metal hub cap off an Austin, Mick Jones' 'Double' Bass was an upside down tea chest with a broom handle standing upright and a piece of string forming a triangle with the other 2. He pressed the string hard against the broom handle, plucked it with his fingers & adjusted the deepness of the sound by putting his foot in different positions on the tea chest, to alter the 'echo'. Ray Smith had just a snare drum & he altered the sound on that by turning the tensioning screws around the rim to either tighten or slacken the drum skin. When they played Apache by The Shadows he would put his hankey over the drum & it sounded just like an Indian Tom Tom drum.
All that for just threepence (old money) entrance fee. Those were the days.

info courtesy :- Dekka Frost.