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St. Lukes Church

At some time St. Lukes had a large congregation. My grandfather W.A.Leeson was choir master, the music was always done by the Goodwin family, and I think W.H.Whitehurst gave as much support as possible . Ii was baptised in 1943 by Fr. Bickerton, I remember him living at the parsonage in mount pleasant, he left when Ii was a young boy . I believe he was followed by Capt. Gosden who was with the church army, he stayed for some time. John Keeling was the rector and he lived at the rectory at Odd Rode. My confirmation classes were with Rector Keeling at the parsonage in Mount Pleasant. During my time at St. Lukes, Mr. Arthur Goodwin was the organist, Dennis Turner was odd job, he was willing to do whatever needed to be done . Dennis rang the church bell on Sunday mornings, he pumped the organ during service and he looked after the heating in the winter. Dennis also was alter boy-- server along with Kenneth Yates, when Dennis was server organ duties were passed on to a choir boy. Pamela Bradbury was the Sunday school teacher and organist when Mr. Goodwin was not there, I remember she always played the little pump organ or harmonium as they were often called. The church had a large following at one time, and many people were involved in the running of the church. The people I have mentioned are the people that I remember, many other families gave a lot of time and support to ST. LUKES. By Bill Leeson (more memoirs)

Article by Bill Leeson