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A wonderful site which has helped me place some family history in
One of my grandfather's antecedents was a primitive methodist preacher
and I own one of the Mow Cop plates (as shown on the site) How many of
these exist?


Ruth Cocklin



My mother, Sarah Ann Woods, was born in Mow Cop in 1902. She came to
the US with her whole family in 1903. I would like to be able to place
Mow Cop on a map of England. She always said her address was "Mow Cop,
near Burslem, South Staffordshire, England" I can't even find South
Staffordshire. Any help would be appreciated. I just want to be able
to place the location of her birth.


Rev. Kerry Robert Ri



Great web site. I enjoyed my visit to Mow Cop three years ago. It was a
special blessing.
Rev. Kerry Robert Ritts, President, Primitive Methodist Church USA


Brian and Doreen Wak



Hi to Heather and Iain and Rowan, Church Lane MowCop just popping in
from New Zealand to see your place. Hope your big day is wonderful for
you three. Hope the weathers good.
See ya

From New Zealand


Steve and Ronnie Dyn



Next Tuesday, 23rd July, we become residents of Mow Cop, moving after
four years in Wall Hill, Congleton. We have been fascinated by the
history of Mow Cop and this excellent website has made us even more
enthusiastic about the move. We intend to spend many more hours on the
site learning about our new home.


Glenna Rand




Any one out there know of an Elijah Brookes married to
Mary Ellen Brookes (Barrett). They had a son Gordon Brookes
who happens to have been my Grandfather. Looking for any leads
on the "E.Brookes -&- Son" jetware they produced. Found several patents
belonging to Elijah to do with pottery.
Elijah later was a co-founder of Keele Street Pottery. Only info
I got was from the Keele Street Pottery website.
Address from a letter I have was Old House Green, Scholar Green,
Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs.
Don't know what year Elijah passed but believe he was born in 1845
in Brierly Hill. Mary Ellen passed on May 3, 1928 at 80 yrs...putting
her birth date somewhere in 1848.
Gordon was born Nov 2, 1876 - birth cert. states in Hawarden, County of
Please email if you know any information on the above family.
(photos, letters, etc.)
Mahalo..glenna rand


Nigel Warburton



My brother just told me about the site so I thought I'd have a look.
Full of really interesting stuff. Like by brother (who has already
signed the guest sheet), I was there until I was 9 (born 1971).

Something strange about Mow Cop, it just calls you back. For some
strange reason I ended up there 31 Dec 1999 just to look at the views.

Anyway, well done!


Charles Ikins



Ikins in the USA seeks any information re Ikins in Cheshire,
specifically farmer Thomas Ikins (my great-great-great grandfather)
emigrated to USA in 1846 or 47. I see from other postings on the Mow
Cop site that there are Ikins in the area. Trying to nail down where
Thomas emigrated from so I can visit and research pre-emigration church
and civil records for further info.





Realised missed of two other ancestors
Hough Martha
Jones Sarah
Pierpoint Elizabeth





Have been following the Mow Cop pages for some time now
in the hope of finding more of my Mow Cop ancestors
Dont know if the following names ring any bells for anyone
But here goes:

Boon William
Boon Arthur
Boon Harriet Elizabeth The Bank Odd Rode Mow Cop
Glover Harriet
Harding Alfred
Harding Maurice Mount Pleasant Mow Cop
Hough Martha


Mark -&- Joni



Joni and i moved into Mow Cop on the 25 June 2001 and we will stay for
We live on High Street in the Black and white house with a view that
makes it a pleasure to open the curtains in the morning.FANTASTIC.


Priscilla Pierce




Fred Perkins



Director of National Mission Board for the Primitive Methodist Church
in America


Pam Lomas



Hi Rob

Delighted to find Mow cop on a web site. My grandfather was
Harry 'clocker' Goodwin of the Rookery. Called 'clocker' because he
used to clock the pigeons in after a race. His Grandfather was the
original 'clocker' - Joel Lawton of Pennyfields Road.Mow Cop's history
is precious to our area (I live in Knypersley) and must be preserved
for future generations.





What a comprehensive site, full of information and photos.
Became interested on receiving contact by email from resident of
Mowcop. Thanks.


Nick Johnstone




tina hields


hello all
my name is tina hields grand daughter of daisy pointon
of mow cop mount pleasant my great aunts were vera and doris pointon
of 22 north st mount pleasant
great site keep up the family history
thanks rob


neil passey



My unit 125 (Staffs) Field Support Squadron RE(V) based in Longton
S-O-T, built the bonfire on Monday 03rd June 2002.

Please can you forward photos you took that evening.

best regards

neil passey





Looks a very interesting site at first glance - I shall be back. First
heard of Mow Cop courtesy of the Flanders + Swann song bemoaning the
closure of stations - now even the box has gone, albeit for
preservation.Maybe get to see Mow Cop for real someday.


John Clare

Clares of North Staffordshire (mainly)


A great site. I cannot claim to be from Mow Cop myself, but my
ggggfather is buried in St Thomas after being killed in a mine accident
at Trubshaw in 1856. Cousin Enoch Clare is also there. There are also
Clares who are related in St Lukes, (Jabel and his wife). Henry Clare
was a blacksmith based in Mow Cop until about 1880 as well. Until the
Churches were built, the family seemed to be married in Wolstanton but
baptised and buried in Newchapel. If anyone knows anything about Clare
Street and Clare Court in Harriseahead, I would be very interested to


Dorothy Light



Hello Rob, and congratulations to you and all who have been involved in
setting up this excellent site.

I have never lived in Mow Cop, but my mother was Eveline Jinks and her
parents were Absalom and Gertrude Jinks (nee Moors). Mum was born in
1918 at the Brake but lived for many years in The Hollow in Mount
Pleasant and went to Woodcock's Well School. I recognise many of the
names on the site as Grandad seemed to know everyone in the village and
I correspond with relatives in America - from the Moors side of the
family - who seem to know far more about my ancestors than I do - but I
am gradually putting a few more names in place. We live in Norton and
still visit Mow Cop quite often and enjoy the walks past the school and
along by The Old Man.

Keep up the good work.

Dorothy Light


Matthew Tabinor



Hi Rob,

What a wonderful website, congratulations!

My dad, Ivan Tabinor, told be about and as an ex-resident
(well, to the age of 5 anyway!) I thought Iíd take a look at it for
myself. I am amazed at how many places I remember, particularly when
browsing through some of the old photographs. I can distinctly
visualise the old signal box and the school, as well as our old house
at Sundown, 32, Station Road, although itís probably numbered and named
something else by now. I now live over in Houston, Texas and itís
great to have a website available which reminds me so much of home.

Best Regards,

Matthew Tabinor


The Hardings



Grandfather came out from Mow Cop to Australia to go into mining. We
have all visited Mow Cop and talked to some of the Hardings still
living there. We were all members of the Methodist Church which now has
been incorporated into the Uniting Church of Australia





I found your excellent site whilst researching the history of a
Centenary Plate from the 1907 Primitive Methodist Camp. I had acquired
this at a local Antiques Fair. I was amazed at the information
available and the numerous photos. etc. Many thanks.







David Warburton



Wow ! Great site. Brings back memories. Lived in Mow Cop (Woodcock
lane) until I was 7 (1979) and went to the Woodcock Wells First School
until 1979. No live in Bournemouth. Never appreaciated the place till I
left !!.

Will try and make it back for the Golden Jubilee celebrations on the
3/6/02. Still got me photos of the silver jubilee celebrations in
exactly the same place.

Keep up the good work

David Warburton


Steve Pointon



Well, what a find ! I lived on Sands Road until I was 23, I scrolled
through your guestbook just in case I recognised a name. When you are
at school I think you tend to remember names of the older pupils, in a
way you look up to them, John Bracegirdle, I remember you ! I wonder if
you remember Steve Pointon a year below you at Castle Primary I saw
Nidge a few years ago, anyway If anyone else sees this I hope the
memories give you a grin and would like to read of anyone who used to
drink in the Mow in the Eighties Steve Harding (Googie) Steve
Sanderson, Mart ,Brian Hassle and Gary Knapper were also good mates

Thanks for the Site , Steve


tom pointon



Discovered your very interesting site while following up my amateurish
and fumbling approach to genealogy re: the Pointons of Appleby Magna,
Leicestershire. The Pointon name abounds in The Midlands and, I
guess, sometime ago in the very distant past we are/were all related.

I am 71 going on 72and the elder of four, who were born in the 1930-41
period. Our forenames - Thomas, Emily, John and William - mirror
exactly the preceding generations of the same names, being 1d 3S out of
Thomas Pointon [b=1854,m=1890,d=1938]and Clara Kate nee Bradford of

Like in your village, Appleby Magna depended to a fair extent on coal
mining [e.g.Measham Main]. My father, William, and my uncle Jack
worked there as I did briefly [1945-48]as a trainee electrical engineer.

One never knows but someone may see a link which ties us together...

Appleby Magna has its own site on the internet - worth seeing!

With many good wishes.

Tom Pointon
BA Hons {Middlesex], PhD [Cranfield], DipBS





I would like to say thank you for putting this site together.
I used to live in Stoke and actually went out with someone who lived on
Mow Cop (his name was Paul), during the summer of 1994. I must say I
have known about Mow Cop all my life and even now, when passing back
through Staffordshire I always stop off on my way home, visit the
castle, visit The Old Man of Mow and take in the breathtaking views.


Dave Lawton



Nice to see that I'm not the only one to be proud of where I was born
and bred. Well done to all concerned with the web site.




Nice work... enjoyed it!



Crewe Clarion Wheelers cycling club


Lovely Site.
I love cycling up Mow Cop (and down again!) from my current home in
Crewe, and am delighted to find out all about it here. Keep up the good

All the best, Jonathan.

(Could be moving to Scholar Green soon, if so I'll be right under it


John Harris



I lived on mowcop for years and my family probably still live there.
My grandparents lived in the village of Mount Plesant and my father was
born there.I now live in the U.S.A and don't get to visit too often so
with this site I get to show(bore)my famiy with my beginings.

John Harris.


Susan Butler (Hancoc



I love the Mow Cop site and it is lovely to see so many names I
recognise. However, as an original born and bred Mow Cop girl I have
to say I am feeling a little precious about how the boundaries of the
lovely hill (which by the way Mr Vernon Ball, Headmaster at Woodcock
Well School, took great pains in teaching us actually just falls in
the height to be called a mountain)are being stretched. Mount
Pleasant, Scholar Green, Dales Green, The Rookery, Harriseahead etc.
are not Mow Cop. Sorry folks - you are not originals but imposters.
You are rather special however if you are a Mow Cop original and so I
can understand you trying I suppose!
Some facts are getting slightly skewed also. For example Jack Blood
was not an undertaker (although he helped Freddie Thornton sometimes).
the only undertakers on Mow cop were the Hancock's - Charles and then
his eldest son Joe. Freddie Thornton was Dales Green,Wilsons down The
Bank and Scholar Green and Tom Bailey at Harriseahead.


Gemma Oddy



i'm doing some hunting for my grandma Hilda Whitney, she was part of
the Minshull clan, if anyone remembers her or the family please let me
know, i shall be up (family relocated to coventry) to visit soon to get
some photos of who the place has changed for her!
Great site!


tracey benbow



we have lived in mow cop for 7 years is the most beautiful place
to live and the people are the kindest you could ever wish to meet. my
eldest daughter attends the primary school and it was lovely to view
the old photographs on this site.
Tracey, Steve, jessica and chloe benobow


Joan Pyatt



Brilliant web site. Well done.


Alan Pointon



I have noticed a few people here the the last name Pointon. As I was
born in England but now live in canada, I was just wondering if some of
you might know my Parents or Grand parents. My parents names are Gill
and Geoff Pointon they use to live in the house next to the pub on
congelton road and my grandparents names are Donald and Mildred Lawton
they still live directly accros from the pub. Please feel free to e-
mail us as I sure my parents would greatly apprecite hearing from
anyone that they know

Alan Pointon






susan taylor



excellent site just e mailed address to rels down under i'm sure they
will visit.







malinda pointon



we are the pionton family currently living in nottinghamshire
many people living or from mowcop will remember our aunt vera pointon
who died in 1998 my name is malinda pointon and i spent a lot of time
at mowcop on my school holidays from 1960 to 1970 then visits as a
adult until 1998 with my brothers david and christopher pointon my
farthers name was ronald pointon who was born at mow cop
i have a lot of memories from mowcop and would love to here from
anyone who new any of the pointons or hamletts
i would like t thank rob on a great website


Dave Hancock



Was given the web site while exploring the history of my grandfather.
He was born in 1879 in Dale,s Green and supposedly met my grandmother
at the Mow Cop castle.His name was Enoch Hancock. Father Joseph,
mother Mary. I,ve never been to England. Live in northern Minnesota,
USA. Find your web site very informative and interesting, and return
quite frequently to explore. Thankyou so much for your efforts.


Clive Cooper



Your site is excellent and has brought back many memories.
I have spent a good deal of time during my childhood at Mow Cop. I had
an uncle and aunt and cousins who had moved there from yorkshire during
the 50's. My uncle's old cottage is the one which appears to sit in the
tower of the castle on your old aerial photo, the view of which is over
Cheshire. Having lost touch with my cousins, I was surprised to find
that one of them still lives on the same site in a new bungalow. I must
visit one day soon.
Many thanks for your site.





just want to say how nice this web page is, and how easy the pages
load up, and they are really clear, I was not far , born at mow cop, a
place called Strupshire Farm, I was there when I was two, and reasantly
returned to Rookery which is not far from Mow cop

very nice


Rev. Norman E. Beck



Have visited Mow Cop - twice. Hope to return with a tour group for a
celebration on May 31, 2007.
Hey everyone - you are invited to check this out


Matthew Tabinor



Good on you uncle for setting up your own website. It is marvolous.


dianne dirksen


just surfin and came upon your site.great site!i am trying to find
anybody who has knowledge of heriot family history,or herrett.the
spelling has changed over the ancestor,george heriot started
the heriot school which is now called heriot/watt university in
scotland.there is some interestin history,and if anyone has any info,it
would be greatly appreciated!i love your site.i,ll be


derrick wood



hi rob pleased to meet you at
used to live in scholar green and kent green and used to be in daylight
band at methodist church with joe agnew as manager .got any photos?
lost touch with everybody from the area.i would to here from any old
pals.i beleive john holland still lives in the cheshire view most
heres living in hope
best regards to every one at


christine Lovatt



we have been try to find out my husbands family history . we live in
australia and my husbands name is John lovatt came to Australia in 1966
his dads name was Thomas lovatt .


dan ogden



Most interesting site. Possibly have some photos of my grandad 'bill
ogden' one outside coal shaft entrance the other in boxing stance.


Ivan Tabinor



Hi Rob,
I keep coming back to see who's been in the guest book lately, I find
it really fascinating, thought I ought to sign in myself as an old
resident. I was remembering Our time up there in the 'seventies'
walking up to the 'view for a pint of 'brown and mild' from Ray's
wonderful cellar. I remember the man who took care of the roads, Eddy,
can't remember if his surname was Thacker? Can anyone let me know? He
was absolutely wonderful, great knowledge about the place.
Keep up the good work, best regards from Gloucestershire.
PS the rest of the site is brilliant, especially if you get a bit home





Great site. I visited Mow Cop recently in a search for family history
and couldnt believe my luck to find this site just days later -





Hey up "tunnel rat"
It looks a bit spooky down there!!
Just thought I'd check the new page out.
If you've stuck to your new years resolution like i have,
you should be 4lb heavier now, and I'm up to 20 fags a day.

see yer soon

captain "Baccy"


Anna Goodwin



Visiting the site has been a fascinating journey into my family
history. Have already spotted a few ancestors and a few living

I am the grand-daughter of Matt Goodwin the late Edith "Doreen"
Goodwin, also Mary Lea, and the late Fred Lea, all born in or near to
Mow Cop

Any interesting info would be welcomed.


Wendy White



Thanks once again for a delightful site, quite spoils us for visiting
others! While researching the family connection to Stanways, it has
been very pleasing to get some feed from contributors to your guest
book. We are grateful for any information which may assist us. Now also
seeking info about the BLOOD, BAGGALEY AND SMITH Family connections.
Cheers from Sth Australia.


Susan Butler (Hancoc



How lovely to find this on the Internet and to have the opportunity to
trace old friends.

Fascinating to see some familiar names etc and also how differently
people remember things.
I am interested in hearing from any of the old crowd who lived on Mow
Cop during the wonderful 60's when the Beatles, youth clubs and
transistor radios were all the rage.

These are my memories of my days of childhood on Mow Cop:

I used to haymake on Jack Bloods farm, deliver milk on the back of the
tractor (before Blood's moved to Primitive Street), long to go 'potato
picking' in the summer down 'the bank' with the older kids (but never
could) and spent freezing snowy days sledging in the bottom field in
the winter. Bonfire nights in 'fir close' and camp meeting Sunday
along with Anniversary Sunday, Harvest Sunday and Good Friday Services.

Local rivalry between the Wesleyan Chapel and the Primitive Chapel.
Whose choir was best on their Anniversary Sundays (of course it was my
Dad's). My Grandad


David Burgis



HI, you have got a great web site i visited Mow Castle over Xmass the
first time in twenty years as i now live in Toronto Canada and i was
visiting my family i had to see the great view from the Castle and take
some photos back home with me, keep up the good work i will visit your
web page to remind me of the good times i had.


Karl Mallalieu



I lived on Mow Cop (Mount Pleasant - Clare Street ) - or 'the village'
from when I was about 4 years old to when I was 18. Left in 1984 for
university and a chance at life on flat land. Don't know why but have
very fond childhood memories of this place. My sister still lives down
in the Rookery. My Mum recently moved back. Haven't actually been there
myself for donkeys tho. If anyone remembers me (otherwise known
as 'Mol') I'd be glad to say 'ey-up scobe - aw at'.


Rachel Evanson



Hello rob, its me again congratulating you on the site,keep up the good
work by the way anyone who reads this make sure you go to castle stores
and get a castle ornament because they look fantastic,just like the
real thing!!!!!


Daz Mould



Hey up Rob,

The sites coming along well.

Daz Mould


Evan Evans



Hi; My ancestors came from Mow Cop -&- Biddulph,My Grandparents are
listed in the census which is on this site.My uncle Ernest Evansis
mentioned in the St.Thomas Log Book , Feb 29 1888. Now Ernest was what
you might call a premature baby. He was born in 1877,-&- his parents were
married in 1879.Because of this situation, Ernest was raised by his
maternal Grandparents, Enoch -&- Hannah Shallcross. Ernast never came to
Canada when his parents did in 1882.About 1900 his father William Evans
sent him money to come to Canada. He didn't. He used the money to get
married. In 1891 he was working in a local mine.
I would like to know, who he married, -&- who his descendants, if any
are:Oh yes he may have used the surname of Shallcross.


peter kent-baguley



Congratulations Rob on a splendid site. I haven't looked at everything
yet but if the sections on the FUSTIAN MILLS and the QUARRIES are
typical of the rest then it is an excellent project. I shall mention
the site in the bi-monthly NEWCHAPEL NEWS.


Evan Evans



Greetings from Canada! I had this site address sent to me by a distant
cousin,who lives in the area. Fantastic site. Found my Grandparents on
the 1881 census, and an aunt. Also found an uncle listed in the 1888
school account. sounds like he wasdn't much of a scholar! Thanks Evan


Elaine Heathcote



Are there any local history boffins out there who could tell me where
the 'Railway Inn' used to be. It was in existence in the 1880's. Does
anyone know if it used to be where the 'Cheshire View'is now.


Barbara Blank



Hi! again Rob, just called in to get up to date on news and events,
happy christmas and new year! barbara.


Brian Copeland



A very interesting site. Ihave not had the chance to had the chance to
spend enough time on it yet I was born on Mow Cop on the 29th August
1952 In a cottage on castle road mum betty copeland (nee woolich)dad
Albert Copeland (decd)neighbours mr and mrs Dale, The Amisons, The
clewes,The Boultons and of course my grandparents Frank and Lily
Woolrich at Gronant the small holding in one of your panoramic views
much changed I have to say!!!!!!. Some information which may help the
photo of the St thomas church wi is not 1951 Joan Fords son is younger
than me by at least three years possibly more so he was still an apple
in his dads I if your date is to be belived probably more like 1955/6
The unknown boy sat at Dylis edge's knee is probably her son Peter.His
older brother david has signed your visitors book,Ileft Mow Cop in the
muid seventies and I now live in Sheffield, Whatever happened to Ado
that silky midfield player taught him all he knew on the subbuteo pitch


Rita Harding



Hi! I use to live at Mow Cop in station Rd on ther hill. I then went to
live in Congleton.
I went to Woodcock School, some of the teachers were Mrs. Dale and
Mrs. Lawton. I used to sit next to Doreen Edgerton. I used to play with
the Moulds children.
Keith Maxwell (who went to live in London) used to live it the
pub 'Railway Inn'.

27 Iaslay Crescent

(Please head the letter to Mrs Strafford)





Hello !

Nice Site....I used to live in Mow Cop


Rachel Taylor



Great site - many thanks - it's very interesting.







Pat Jackson




Alistair Cameron



re JAMIESON family of Mow Cop I wish to find WHERE in Scotland they
lived before moving to STAFFS/ Mow Cop.

HELP!! please.........



Carl and Caroline Go



Just writing to say 'hello'.
Not long moved back to the area after quite a few years away.
Now living in Mount Pleasant with our dog.
Glad to be back.







David Whitehurst



I was looking for some information on my ancestors. I have a family
bible that was given to my grandfather Charles W Whitehurst June 23
1889, by the Hariseahead Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School. The fly leaf
shows his birthdate as Jan 21 1882. It looks like he was one of 8
children. I wonder who his parents were? I wonder if he was related to
the George Whitehurst who is covered in your site.
It was most interesting to discover all the detail of Mow Cop on your
site. Thank you.


jo gregory



great site. any info on the castles history would be greatly


Maurice Askew



Dear Mow Cop
My wife Doris and I lived in one of the tiny cottages in Mow Hollow
between 1952 and 1956. Our neighbours were Frank and Lucy Triner. I
worked in Burslem as a teacher at the College of Art and we had bought
the cottage from Mr and Mrs Hancock of Chapel Close. Rosemary was their
daughter and one of my students and still lives at Chapel Close.
We were in England during 1995 and went to visit Rosemary. We also
had tea with Dorothy and Tom Siddall. We had known Dorothy as a young
school girl when she would come down to play with our baby daughter.
Doris worked in the office of Mr and Mrs Moores, Scholar Green.
Bill's building company renovated (perhaps rebuilt is a better word)
our cottage.
We went to look at the place in 1995 to see that the two cottages
were being converted to one house.
Best wishes. This is a fine web site. Maurice Askew.


Sue Chippendale



Stumbled across this site whilst investigating William Clowes. My
mother's side of the family is related to him through my great
grandmother, Caroline Darley. He was either a great or great,great
uncle of hers. I have found the whole site very informative and you
have also helped get me on the right track to possibly finding a piece
of my family history. If anyone out there knows if William Clowes had
any brothers or sisters it would help me a lot. Keep up the good work.
I don't think it will be long before I'll be making a trip down!!!!


Barbara Blank



Hi! again Rob, Just called to have a look to see whats new! Really
enjoy the photos.My favourite view up there is from Mow Cop level out
over Cheshire, I could sit there all day! Hello! to Charlotte.
from Barbara. Back soon.


Douglas MacKinnon



Yesterday my wife Rosemary put a message into your guest book, but
omitted to say that she was a visitor from Charlestown, Lake MacQuarie,
just south of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia, and she is the
daughter of Edgar Adams who was born in 1909 at Fegg Hayes, who
emigrated to Australia with his twin brother Horace,when they were 17
years of age.
I might say how delighted we were in visiting your country and your
village in particular, as we met some of Rosemary's relatives, which of
course added to the memories we keep of the holiday.


Rosemary MacKinnon



Two years ago, my husband and I visited your village, which was the
home of my grandparents, Alfred and Emily Adams, who lived at 26 Long
Lane Harriseahead.(They both died in the 1950's).We were fortunate
enough to make contact with my cousin Margaret Barlow and her husband
Tom, their family including daughter Anne and the grandchildren Kerry
and Megann Shufflebotham.
We really enjoyed our short stay in your country, and will never forget
the happy times we had in your Mow Cop.


Tony Hurt



This is a great site,really informative.i lived in Harriseahead from
1952 til1 1975,my parents still live there.The guy who is looking to
contact people who were evacuated from Manchester during the war,may be
interested to know that a Mr Joe Agnew who kept the Post Office at Mow
Cop arrived from Manchester in similar circumstances.


christine austin



Hi Rob just having a look at the old photos think i might recognise one
or two faces on the old school pictures of woodcock wells school
choir.Iwent to woodcock well school and seem to remember there being an
air raid shelter near to the school at the top of the big bank i had to
walk up every morning !{couldn't do that now)


Stuart Boothman



Vey interesting site - I was looking for sites to provide a web-based
research resource on the pros and cons of quarrying, for a GCSE science
course! Isn't it amazing what you find?


adrian jones



hi my mum was maud jones of 2 st thomas street





A very informative and interesting site. If anyone has any information
about the history of Primitive Street, then we would be very grateful
for youre comments and knowledge. We live in one of the oldest houses
and would like to know when it was built and the history behind it. It
was previously known as "Lilac Cottage."
Any information would be of great value to us.
Yours Sincerely,





wonderful to read..very stirring...reminds me of a girl who lived







Barbara Blank



Hi! Rob,
Keep popping back to see whats new. Love the old photographs, any new
ones yet? Called in at the Chapel Museum too, wanted to see more
photos of the Fustion as my Grandmother worked there, I'm sure she is
on one of your old photos! Will certainly be back!


Ray Haney



I visited The Mow Cop structure on 3 out of 4 trips we made to Bucknall
England -&- it is a very beautiful view that is almost unbelieveable
view. I reccomend anyone traveling near there to take the time to see
this view.
Ray Haney


michael ikin



Great site see if i can help on the lost pubs
regards mick


Dave Jones



What a wonderfully informative site I have stumbled upon. I was surfing
and feeling a little bored when I decided to do a search
of "Harriseahead" (my place of birth) I was surprised that I got any
hits at all, but to my surprise I got several, I checked out some of
the links and the stories got me thinking. So I tried MOW COP.. and
next thing I know, I am in your site. I started looking about 11pm, it
is now 4am and I am just about worn out now. I never knew so much about
the place I was born and raised, I lived in Sands Road, Harriseahead
from 1970 until 1992 and after a few more moves I now live in sunny
I am actually quite shocked, I thought that Mow Cop was a little known
place and that nothing ever happened there. How wrong I have been. I
never knew about the wartime stories, or that there were so many mines
around ( I knew of some, but not as many as there actually were)
The stories and pictures and truly enlightening.
Just a few things I would like to add. In the


Barry Smythe



Hello, your site is extremely informative -&- well planned. My dad
(George Smythe) was evacuated from central Manchester during the second
world war to Mow Cop, I believe he worked on a farm -&- he would have
been 13/14 yrs old, does anybody remember any avacuees that arrived in
your village? Many thanks Barry Smythe


Nigel Machin



My family come form Mow Cop originally. indeed my father remembers
visiting his grandmother at Mow cop

I wonder if there is a family connection?


Charlotte louise aus



Hi Rob just having a look at your web Page. Since my mum came from mow
cop christine austin and i know a bit about mow cop


christopher Roy Aust



Hello Rob just having a look, so far so good

Christopher Roy Austin.


barbara blank



Hi!Rob, really enjoyed your page and photos will keep dropping in.
My father and grandparents came from high street harriseahead.,name
of Bagnall related to michael jones now living at mow cop. Great web
keep going!


Chris austin



Hi Rob being a mow girl myself didn't realise people wald be so
intrested in the place. Give my regards to Michelle.See you both soon e-
mail us on perciusA.


chris machin,mowcast



great site ,re ornaments etc for rachel try castle stores on mowcop rd
i live in mowcop,but am moveing to wales in september.i have linked our
welsh cob website to this one of mowcop maybe you could return the


Rev. Reginald Thomas


Thanks for the great pictures of the birthplace of Primitive Methodism.
Someday, I will visit. I have been a P.M. minister in Pennsylvania, USA
for 25 years.
Thanks again for the information.

Rev. Reginald Thomas


rachel evanson



This is one of the most interesting sites ive came across yet it is
full of all kinds of information that i never knew about this beautiful
place.The pictures of the castle are fantastic.I have been intersted in
the castle for ages and i am always to be find sitting up right by it
on nice days.Iwonder if anybody knows of any souvenirs or ornaments or
anything else really to do with the castle can be found. I would really
like a castle ornament to take pride of place in the livingroom. this
is definitely the best site for castle information ive found yet!!!!


David Edge



So good to see a site dedicated to Mow.
Long may it continue. The information has been fascinating.
My childhood was unbelievable on this piece of granite. So much fun and
so many memories.
All the best
Dave Edge


Pamela Beattie



Well well well, At long last I can keep an eye out on what my sister
has been doing with the PTA at Mow Cop School. Ang, I know what you're
doing!!! LOL (K)

Great site, keep up the good work!!!

Pam Beattie (angie banks' sister)


andy proudmore



iwas born in brown lees used to play on mow cop before we moved to
australia in 1981 thanks for the memories


Teresa Beardsmore



Happened upon this site today must say that it brings back happy
memories, memories of my time at woodcock wells school and walking down
the bank to spring bank scholar green.
I was christened at the bank methodist church and my mothers cousin
Irene used to take the sunday school classes.
My mothers parents came from mow cop and my great grandparents are
buried in the cemetry opposite woodcock wells school.
They were called the Boons and my mother was a harding.
She had one sister Cicely who still lives in scholar green and one
brother Eric who died at the age of 21 from polio.
Many happy hours were spent at mow cop castle.
Teresa Beardsmore


Patricia Larson



I have a very good friend who lives in Mow Cop. As I am from the USA,
it was thrilling for me to see all the places he talks about and to be
able to picture what it is like. Thank you so much.





I am a newcomer to Mow Cop, having moved there last year, and have
found this site a wonderful source of information on the history of the

I live in a an 18th Century stone cottage in the lower part of the
village, and am keen to find out anything I can about my house.

I am reliably advised that the lane which runs parallel with Mow Cop
Road was called Donkey Lane by the local kids in the early part of the
20th Century, and was so called because the chap who lived in my house
used to keep donkeys in the garden, and let local kids ride up the road
and down the lane.

Robert, I can put you in touch with someone who knows a lot of early
20th Century history on Mow Cop if you mail me at the above address.


Dawn Groves



I am still trying to fine more information for Peter Hancock. He was
born 17.09.1853 at Kidsgrove, Brierlyhurst. His parents were Jabez and
Ann (formerly Bromley) Peter came to New Zealand in 1879 with his wife
Emma Foster. I can not find any mention of any of them on any cencus
returns. Can anyone help me? Thanks Dawn


dorothy and bryan cl



Our daughter Angela Banks who lives in Mow Cop told us about this
site,we have found it to be very interesting and we are giving it to
our son who lives in America.Keep up the good work and we will look at
this periodically.
Dorothy and Bryan from silverdale


Allan Winship



First time I heard of the site was at the school fete. Think it's
great.Angie gave me all the info.I'll log on to keep in contact.See you


Angela Banks



Hi Robert,

I think this website is very interesting and you are doing a great job.

I have passed the address on to lots of people.

See you soon.




Harriseahead Old Photos


Hey up fishmate.
hope your tackles in good order for the holiday!!
Thanks to you and your young'un, my guestbooks really filling up now.
We'll need a skip for all the fish caught on vacation.
Mow Cop's really taking shape now. Loadsa interesting info.
I might have some content for straight lads ( how about a guestbook?)





I now know what Mowcop is!! I really love it, and the castle is
wonderful!! This has certainly been a "mini vacation" for me, and best
of all, I never had to leave home-ha!
Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with me.


melanie meakin(nee b



have lived here all my years -&- will never leave!I can trace my family back a good 150 years up here.Ikins,Keys and Bamfords all of whom are still in the area.Love it, cant understand how anyone could possibly fail to see the beauty of the its on the net even more people will.Only found out it was here at last saturdays village fate. Good job, well done!


Nancy Kirkwood



From the USA.. Great site! Am looking for information on Hardings and
Mountfords. My mother-in-laws father was born in Mow Cop 1883. Noticed
some Hardings and Mountford's still in the area in the 1900's.
Wondering if any cousins are still around. Keep up the good work!
Again it's a great site.


amanda neal



My mother lived in Mow Cop during her childhood and teenage years
leaving to get married at age 21.
Her name was Doreen Mould and still has some relatives in the village
including her brother Bruce.
I wonder if anyone out their remembers her. She is always telling me
about her days growing up in Mow Cop and how much she enjoyed living
there. I have visited Mow Cop a few times many years ago and enjoy
reading about the place


Linda Gillan





Jackie Powell



Hello everyone (especially to you Rob!!)
Just have to say I absolutely love this site! Rob has done a fantastic
job. My grandfather, Leonard Joseph DAVIES attended Woodcock Wells
School in the mid 1900's. He was born in 1910. His mother (Mary Alice
PEMBERTON) lived at 80 The Hollow, Mow Cop, and I believe she worked at
the Mount Pleasant Mill as a fustion cutter. I myself have visited Mow
Cop in the 1980's on a trip to England.
Once again - a great site!





To the chap wanting to know more about the Blood family.....

My husband and I lived at 9 Lower High Street, Mow Cop at the beginning
of the 1980s. Our milkman at the time was called Jackie Blood. He
lived in Primitive Street, Mow Cop and was also the local undertaker.
He was a lovely chap and always took his cap off if you invited him in!
We loved it up there but had to move in 1986 with my husband's job.
Cheers - Linda Willshare


Brian G Ball



What a marvelous site! just the thing for people like me who are
tracing their relatives from Mow Cop.

Hope you do a book on Mow Cop, because I think its long over due.

Keep up the good work.



Tracey Collis



Dear Mr Tabinor

Just been having a look on your Mow Cop page and found it very
interesting. I found the section on old photograph's very good.
The site is very professionally put together and has articles on a wide
variety of topics. Keep up the good work.

Tracey Collis


Peter Goldstraw



Very creative and interesting site.
I found it searching for the long lost ancestors "Goldstraw" which led
to the photo of Amy Goldstraw in the school photo.
This leads me to the observation that it is a difficult site to gain
hard data from. Details like Where? When?
I have bookmarked you and will be back. Staffordshire, England?
Peter Goldstraw
Christmas Hills, Australia


Shaun Campbell



I lived in Stoke-on-trent, Biddulph to be precise, from 1966 until
1971, when we moved to N Ireland.
Following the death of some of my family members I intend to trace
back my childhood, and Mow Cop Castle holds a lot of memories for me.
Myself and my own family are intending to visit later in the year, so I
can let them know where I came from and let them see what a wonderful
place it really is.
It is great to have a website so full of information, huge pat on the
back for those responsible, see you soon,


John Bracegirdle



I stumbled upon your page by entering 'mow cop' into a search engine.
I couldn't believe the wealth of information you have gathered together.
i lived in Mow Cop up to the age of 20 with my parents in Mow Cop Rd. I
now live in the Lake District. I've been back to Mow Cop a number of
times but I have found the magic of the place has receded as I've grown
older (now 36). I have to admit, even with the risk of sounding like a
complete fool, looking at the pictures, reading the text brought back
so many memories i ended up in tears. I guess I long for those summer
days/nights as a child with my friends around the castle and woods,
carefree and full of wonder. It's gone now but thanks to your wonderful
site i've recaptured it for a while. Thank you.
To Richard Brough, Adrian Barker, Anthony Rowley, Nigel Morris...Those
days are gone but not forgotten. sorry to waffle on... John B





Visited your site from Tokyo.
Am so impressed your village has so many beautiful places and histories.
I'll visit there in the near future.
Want to visit nice pubs for fish'n chips.


d. ellis



v interesting but could be more on st lukes!


Steve Lord



Visited your site with my mother-in-law, Nellie Winters (nee DOOLEY)
who lived in Mow Cop from 1938 to 1952 on Rockside. She has lived in
Australia for 36 years and the site has brought back many memories.
We'll be back!


Sarah Bronson



Absolutely wonderful job on this website. Kudos to you Rob! Keep up the
great work. I live in the Sierra Nevada Mts. of northeastern California.
A very friendly, sweet, humorous, inteligent and might I add, good
looking man from Mow Cop (whom I met on the internet) directed me here
to learn about his village. I bet you're all wondering who that could
be eh? NOT telling! hehehe I do hope to come to Mow Cop some day to
see your lil village and meet the people.


Terry Wharrier



Most interesting site; never knew there was so much history in Mow
Cop. I used to visit there back in the good old school days 75-79.
Now living in Oz,
Very good site and pictures; keep up the good work.


Nigel Machin

Biddulph Web Site


Loved the site! It has come on loads since I last checked in..... Keep
up the good work Rob. Must go up The View for a good pint of Peddee


Rev Alan Norkett



I think this is a great website. I must point out however, as the last
Vicar of St. Thomas, that the year of building was 1842 not 43.
In 1992 we had a special service for the 150th. A cake with a model of
the church in Royal icing was eaten after the service. The Mayor of
Newcastle-under-Lyme atteded. I was his chaplain that year.


The Salt Family



Hi - greetings from the U.S.A.- this is a terrific website - we have
really enjoyed visiting Mow Cop this morning, from Miami, Florida.



stuart bailey



Rob thanks for the phone call.Ive got 3 photos of the Fustion,4 of
Harriseadhead School '@1914,ONE OF THE CRICKET CLUB 1927,ONE OF
BLOOD family would be welcome. On the 1841 census I found the parents
of my Great Grandmother RACHEL BLOOD, they were George and Rebecca
BLOOD. George was baptised at Newchapel Church on 2nd September,1821.
He was the son of John and Anne BLOOD, all of MowCop. John was a
Quarryman.I can scan the photos for you and let you have the disc when
I next come up to see my cousin in Sands Road.





Rob.Thanks for the phone call. IVE GOT 3 PHOTOS OF THE FUSTION, ONE
INSIDE AND 2 OUTSIDE. Ive also got 4 photos of harriseahead school
taken about 1914,one of the cricket club taken in 1927,one of No. 80 H



Reefcare where captive reared counts


never knew you could write so much about a big hill !!!!!!!!!!!


martin phillips



Very informative site full of local knowledge and history.....well done


stuart m BAILEY



My message was not fully recorded(Stuart minshull Bailey ) my home
telephone number is 01283 541372.see earlier message