Noah Stanier
Family Photo

Article and Photos courtesy Alan Leeson

Noah Stanier was born on 20th May 1895 at Church Street, Chesterton, Staffordshire he was the eldest son of Elizabeth Ann Stanier and Noah Stanier. In 1911 Noah and his family lived in North Street, Mount Pleasant, Mow Cop, then in 1914 at the out break of War, Noah a collier worker age 18 and 317 days went into Congleton to sign up and fight for his country.

Noah signed up on the 3rd March 1914, he was attached to the Cheshire Regiment, Regimental No: 244333, on his enlistment records dated 1914 his particulars were height 5ft 4 and 3/8 inches, weight 91lbs, eyes grey, hair light brown, physical fitness good. After Noah signed up and before he was sent to France we think he went home to see his family, you can see by the picture how proud he looks in his uniform. Noah was never to return home to Mow Cop, he was killed on the 10th April 1918, at Le Toquet near Messines, in Belgium, he is buried in Strand Military Cemetery, Comines-Warneton, Hainaut, Belgium.

In 1919 Noah’s mother received a letter from a Sergeant, who was with Noah when he died, here is part of the letter he wrote:

Dear Mrs Stanier
Sorry I did not reply sooner as I have been away from home and left no address, your son Pte .N. Stanier was alone with me at the time of his death, it was on the morning of April the 10th 1918 at Le Toquet near Messines, the time would be I should think about six o clock am. He was shot by a German through the neck by an explosive bullet. He died about one minute after this happened when we were surrounded by German’s. I tied my field dressing in his wound and was just about to go through his pockets, when the German hauled me in his bag of prisoners, that was the last I saw of him, dead with a smile on his face, I shall never forget that smile.  

Noah is mentioned on the headstone of the family grave in St Luke’s Church, Mow Cop, he is also mentioned on the WW1 memorial plaque in the church and mentioned on the WW1 memorial in Odd Rode Church.

Noah is a distant relative to me, his half sister Mary Ellen Lycett married William A Leeson, my Great Grand father.

I would like to thank the relative of Noah’s who passed on the copy of the letter and the photo’s of Noah to my Uncle, Trevor Leeson. If they would like to get in touch please pass on my details.

By Mr Alan Leeson