Globe Inn (closed)

The Globe Inn was located at the bottom of drumber line, jus up from the former location of the railway station.
I do not know when it was built however it would certainly have been after the Cheshire View (formerly "The Railway Inn" just under a mile up the steep road. It was certainly up and running by 1881 as the census returns for that year clearly show one man and a servant living there.

The pub wasquite small and like a lot of pubs built in that era it is basically an extension to the house, with living areas both up and downstairs. It has now been demolished for new housew

Older Photo

Dwelling: Globe Inn Census Place: Odd Rode, Cheshire, England (1881)

Geo. TURNER W 49 M Odd Rode, Cheshire, England Rel: Head Occ: Publican
Dinah A. HUGHES U 25 F Wolstanton, Stafford, England Rel: Serv Occ: Servant

History of Licensees

1874 Richard Turner 1907 George Pierpoint 1908 Alfred Bateman
1909 Charles Thorne 1912 Thomas Twiner 1917 Joseph Warren
1934 Joseph Warren 1940 Albert Thompson 1953 Walter White
1955 Aeron Hollins 1957 George Weaver 1958 Albert Burton
1968 Gertrude Lees 1970 Pamela Poole 1973 Eileen Gidman
1980 John Wassell 1984 Ronald Imber 1993 Michael Dairies
1996 Ronald Dalton 1999 John Brick