Mow Inn

The Mow Cop Inn is still a thriving pub and is a popular stop for walkers as they come along Congleton Road.

It was not mentioned in the 1881 census by name, however the return below with no location has been cross referenced with Keates Directory 1889-90 and shows the same landlord

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Dwelling: Mow Cop Census Place: Odd Rode, Cheshire, England

John WYNNE M 34 M Mk Drayton, Shropshire, England Rel: Head Occ: Innkeeper
Elizabeth WYNNE M 33 F Longton, Stafford, England Rel: Wife
Edney REACH 3 F Longton, Stafford, England Rel: Niece
Joanna SKIDMORE U 16 F Tipton, Stafford, England Rel: Serv Occ: Domestic Servant
Mary HANCOCK U 22 F Hanley, Stafford, England Rel: Sist In Law Occ: Domestic Servant Unemployed
Franck REACH U 23 M Linton, Derby, England Rel: Bro In Law Occ: Coal Miner