Mow Cop Trip to Scotland

This was the first of many arranged via Mary Cope, Dyllis and Herbert Edge and became an annual event known as Mary and Dyllis's trips which continued for several years. The people in the photgraph came from Kidsgrove, Butt Lane, Mow Cop and Biddulph. In this instance thet were staying at Portobello just outside Edinburgh.
Can you name anyone?
William Rowley 2345678901 G.Fryer03 M.Booth02 F.Hamlett05 C.Williams04 E.Bowers06 E.Brundred07 E.Boote08 T.Harding09 A.Sanderson15 R.Hancock14 ???16 V.Pointon17 G.Higgs19 S.Brookes18 S.A.Kingston21 ???20 ???22 V.Booth23 L.Kingston24 J.Boote25 C.Turner26 C.Jepson13 J.Agnew12. ???11 A.Leeson10 N.HoldcroftAda PhilipsAlice Harris1 0 UnknownGeorge Harris9 Unknown8 Unknown7 Unknown6 Unknown5 UnknownEva BoothKate MooresSarah Keys????4 UnknownBeatty BoswellAnnie Whitehurst Janet Massey nee leesonKathleen Ball 3 UnknownCyril Walchester2 Unknown1 UnknownAmy Cooper nee ChadwickFrancis Clarke Alice Wheat Doris PointonGussy Goodwin George DaleHarold BowkerEnoch DaleUnknownBilly MountfordAlan JepsonJaquline RowleyHarry HineLinda MountfordUnknownJosephine HortonUnknownEileen BowyerUnknownUnknown