Community Hall Restoration Project 2011

Many people have driven past the Old School Room on Congleton Road and seen the sign Community Restoration Project and perhaps wondered what was going on. So I decided to look myself.

I have spoken to a couple of volunteers and discovered that there are no commitees behind the restoration, there are no dicoese councels involved either, what is happening and it is an amazing thing. A few good not so Old Men O'Mow have just started to work on this community building to make it more appealing and usuable to the people of Mow Cop. The building itself is owned by members of St.Thomas Church but not by the Church and they were struggling to maintain the building.

So much needs to be done, and then a few men with vision just decided to start work. Plumbers, builders, plasterers and other able bodied men have donated their time and effort and in some cases money, the toilets were replaced by donation and plumbed in, men have showed up and started repairing the damp problems, its amazing to see a community with no personal agenda come together for the good of the community and do this work.