Did You Know?

The following are extracts taken from the Parish Magazine, concerning St.Thomas' Church.

  • In 1899 it cost the church a total of 12-9-0 for the year in wages, for the cleaning of the church, the ringing of the bell, and blowing and playing the organ
  • That the Bill for the Church insurance, for the year 1901-1902 was 14 shillings, that the weekly offering for this year amounted to 21-14-8d
  • That from Easter 1903 that the church was closed for alteration and to be redecorated, all services were taken in the Sunday School, the church was reopened by the Bishop of Lichfield.
  • At a meeting on Easter Monday March 28th 1910 it was agreed that Mr Dale (choirmaster) was to be paid 2 salary a year
  • On Monday 26th Feb 1917, there were 43 people from this parish confirmed here at this church by the Bishop of Lichfield
  • That on April 16th 1918 it was decided to put another 15 in the war bonds, we know have 35 towards our new church.
  • On November 10th 1918 there were 33 people from this parish confirmed here by the Bishop of Lichfield.
  • On April 27th 1919 in recognition of the work that is being done by Mrs Griffiths (caretaker) it was agreed to pay her 30 shillings bonus, and also that her salary be raised to 13 a year.
  • Ref, Sunday school Treat Saturday 20th July 1918
    The weather had threatened to be bad all week, and so it was, but the children had a good tea. And then they were allowed to play in one of Mr Thursfields fields but the rain came on heavy again and put a stop to that.
  • 24th Septemebr 1935 -A meeting took place regarding graveyard fees, it was suggested to raise the fee by 5/- making the cost of digging a new grave 15/- but after much disscussion it was though that this would be far too much and the fee of 12/6 was agreed upon.
  • That on March 28th 1938 the gas lamp on the church gate had blown down during the gale, and a new one with a back reflector was to be fitted on the church wall. The iron bar over the church gate was to be taken down. The work was done by the Gas Company at a cost of 3-4-9d
  • May 2nd 1939- A meeting took place to discuss what to do in the event of war breaking out, it was decided that the committee be enpowered to do such things as required.
  • March 18th 1940 -A meeting was called regarding the times of the evening service, and it was decided to bring it to an afternoon service before incurring the cost of blackouts for the church.
  • March 18th 1942 - The church council have been informed, that as from this week, that the church gates and the Sunday School gates and the railings that surrounded them both will be removed for scrap to go and help toward the war effort.
  • May 20th 1942 - We are sorry to report that we are still having a lot of trouble with vandals, who are abuseing the Sunday School toilets and damaging them. It has been agreed that we shall have, to have a new door and new locks and that they be closed to the public, and only opened when the Sunday School is in use. It was also agreed that prosecution should follow for any other damage done.
  • July 24th 1946 A meeting has taken place to discuss the possibility of electric lights being installed in the Sunday School. Mr. Hancock had done a survey for the work and given his estimate, the price, 38, with shades being extra, it was greed that Mr. Hancock should be given the job.
  • August 12th 1847 It has come to the church's notice that cinemas were going to be opened on a Sunday, it was the councils view that this was wrong, and should not happen, therefore the Vicar and Mr Jess Lawton, being the Church's Synod Representative, were to go along and let the Synod know the feelings of the people of St.Thomas' Church Mow Cop.