200 Years Later (Camp Meeting 2007)

Sunday 27th May 2007 will go down for many as day to remember. Not detered by the damp condition 100's of worshipers from accross the country and from accross the Atlantic flocked to the hillside of Mow Cop to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first camp meeting.
The Ranters had returned to Mow, although the numbers nowhere near matched the turnout of 1907 it was still a great success. The people gathered sang the same hymns that thier predecessors sang 200 years ago and were accompanied by the National British Methodist Band of the North Shropshire and Cheshire Methodist Church Choir.

Photograph and additional summary courtesy David Walters

Well Sunday was a very, very cold day and very overcast, but the rain kept off during the service, which must have been a miracle, there was anything from 500-1,000 people spread all over the hill, many around the castle itself looking down upon the service, but there was also a lot of people looking up from the castle car park, from a more level ground. Many had walked to the site, some even taking up to four days, walking the hills that was walked 200 years ago to the Mow Cop revival. There was a good sound system there, that could be heard lower down in mount pleasant, where we live, thinking we where late walking up the hill to the 2.30 service, from local sites there was a free mini bus service up the steep hills of Mow, we ourselves caught the bus from Woodcocks' Well School, others buses came from Harriseahead, Castle Primary School, the Village Hall and other local places, where cars could be parked, Mow Cop's "Park and Ride" service. USB TV was there, "United Christian Broadcast" from Stoke-on-Trent, with four camaras set up, this service will be broadcasted on Sky (look under the god channels), date of broadcast not yet know, the local press was also there. The worship was led by a fine brass band, and a youth choir sang a number of songs, we had TWO preachers preaching on pentecost (short sermons), over all it was a good service, and a great witness to whatGod did in the past and what He is still doing in 2007. I felt proud "I was there" and part of this great witness.

David Walters