Castle Primary School

Castle Primary School started construction in 1890 under new legislation from the Wolstanton School Board.
It was built by Mr. John Cope and was completed in 1891. The school was previously held at the Wesleyan Chapel. Also in 1891 St. Thomas National School was closed and those children also joined the New National School

Much has changed since then, I went to visit on Monday 1st October 2007 and to see exactly how the school is doing.
I met Mrs. Claire Lowe the schools head teacher and she guided me round the school and told me of just a few of the projects that the school was involved in.

I also couldn't help to notice that a lot of work has been done on the building, the brickwork had been pointed up and the old Herring Bone pattern wooden floors had been stripped back and re varnished. I asked Mrs. Lowe about funding and where the money came from. There is apparently lots of different grants out there for schools, and all head teachers have to do is bid for them. One of the grants was from the Community Learning Partnership, these would provide the funds if the school got involved in a community project, this lead to the dragon on the wall.

The school is very much community oriented and twice a year they have days when the children can bring a special person the Lunch, this usually takes place around Mothers Day and Harvest time. I do know that there is bring a Grandparents to Lunch on Monday 8th and 15th October.

The school is also keen to have a reunion for the older ex pupils of the school, although there is nothing confirmed it will hopefully go ahead on Friday 30th November so watch this space.

Castle Primary school boasts 93 pupils with 19 of these in the reception class, this should mean the numbers attending to school will remain high and could even go up. With Mrs. Lowe there are 6 other full time teachers and many support staff including teaching assistants.