Death On The Lines

With reference to an incident on the railway at Mow Cop 1858
NSR Traffic Committee 4th January 1859.
Naional Archive reference Rail 532/16 minute 2465

"It was reported to the Committee that a carter named Thomas Eggerton had been accidentally killed at Ackult's (Ackers) level crossong near Congleton while attempting to cross the railway in the face of a approaching passenger train on the morning of the 11th inst. It appeared that the man in question had bought a load of coal to the gatekeeper's house at the crossing, and having disposed of the coals, had taken his horse and cut across the line and then returned to the line, and then returned to the house where he remained for a short time, and on leaving, a train come up, he ran out, and in trying to get across was killed."
"An inquest was held upon the body, and a verdict of accidental had been returned by the jury"

Article taken from the Congleton Chronicle