The Mothers Union of St.Thomas
The retirement of the Reverend Charles and Mrs Hood, July 1961

Picture Courtesy of Mr & Mrs Ken Patrick.-- names provided by the congregation of St Thomas Church
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Ida Sutton Winnifrid Neate Lucy Lawton Phyliss Heath Peter Heath Bertha Lawton  Mrs Hancock (Post Mistress for many yearsMrs Corbisley 6. Unknown Jill Smith Betty Smith Nellie Harding 8. Unknown Ruth Patrick 7. UnknownMrs Lawton Mrs Chaddock Snr Annie Hancock Mrs Steadman 20 Lily Barber 4. Unknown Jean Beardmore 3. Unknown Mary Lea 5. Unknown May Rhodes Mrs Barker Olwyn Bloor Mrs Barnett Mrs Mollart Mrs Hood 2. Unknown Alice Jones Rev Charles Hood Dyliss Edge Mrs Chaddock Jnr Mrs Heath Ellen Minshull Alice Williams Karan Porter Peter EdgeStephen Ford Joan Ford Mrs Ikin Lucy Lawton Mrs Hargreaves Jessie Wooton Mabel Lawton Ruth Sanders 1. Unknown Millie Clarke Mrs Morris Ruth Heath Iris Culverwell Gladys Leeson Jeanette Farrel Clarice Farrel Mrs Ash Clarice Peers Gladys Booth Evelyn Jones Virginia Jones