Rowbotham Bus
Although Rowbothams was not a Mow Cop firm, they were however based just down the road and Harriseahead
This bus is a Foden PVD6 Massey and as you can see was the fleet No.7 going from Tunstall which is where this photo was taken to Mow Cop and Bank via Whitehill. The Bus was new in June 1952 bus was transfered to the PMT in Jan 1959 untill March 1964.
Rowbothams was founded around 1923 by J Rowbotham, they ran the services to Tunstall mainly but expanded to take the Congleton runs by purchasing H Kirkhams Buses of Mow Cop in July 1947, Rowbothams also purchased the business of J J Lawton in January 1945. W.S Rowbotham took over the business in 1946
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