W.S. Rowbotham, Harriseahead and Staniers Limited, Newchapel were two of the last private bus companies to be acquired and their services taken over by the expanding P.M.T. company.

W.S. Rowbotham was acquired on 1 January 1959. (Mow Cop - Tunstall) service
Staniers Limited was acquired on 1 April 1965. (Mow Cop - Tunstall and Mow Cop - Butt Lane) services
Staniers was at first operated as a subsidiary from April until September the same year.

Other vehicles acquired in 1965 from Staniers.

PRE 545
PRF 759
RRF 64
TRF 61
WRE 356
288 BRE
289 BRE
196 WRE
6876 RE
PUJ 780
CCK 361
MRF 138B

The vehicle 6876 RE was acquired by PMT from Staniers in 1965
The vehicle was used by Staniers from new in 1960

W.S. Rowbotham, Wesley House, Harriseahead.

Mr S.W. Rowbotham commenced to operate from Dales Green to Packmoor in September 1925. Shortly after this the business of Swann, of Smallthorne, was taken over. In 1931, three stage services were operated by Mr. J. Rowbotham. In December 1946, control passed to Mr. W.S. Rowbotham and in July 1947, the business of Kirkham of Mow Cop was acquired. The garage was on the corner at the bottom of Church Lane,Mow Cop,(Critchlows bought it.) .
The livery of the buses was mid-blue and red.

Staniers Limited, High Street, Newchapel.

Mr J.T. Stanier started to run services in 1920. By 1924, services from Tunstall to Harriseahead and from Tunstall to Longton were in operation. Another service, from Tunstall to Chell Heath, was started in 1928. The latter two services were sold to Associated Bus Companies Limited in December 1929. However, shortly afterwards, the business of Adams of Newchapel was taken over in June 1930. The business was taken over later by a partnership of A.H. and A. Stanier and A.J. Wood, and subsequently the limited company was formed. For many years the garage has been in Bullocks House Road, Newchapel, although the registered offices were at the Kremlin, High Street, Biddulph. The livery used was red and cream. Control was acquired by P.M.T on 1st April 1965, but the company was run as a subsidiary company with Staniers staff and from the Newchapel garage until 1st September 1965.