The Queen of Giantesses, or The Giantess Queen, Composed by Richard Handley Thomas, Kidsgrove, November 1885.     

T-his wonderful child, amongst great Giantesses      
H-ath outgrown her sex from the day of her birth.     
E-very hour of her life, her whole substance increases     

Q-uite ample to prove her the greatest on earth:     
U-nfed by rich diets, yet healthy and blooming,     
E-ach day she subsists on the plainest of food,     
E-njoying the plainest of meal she's consuming,    
N-or does she to luxuries ever allude.    

O-f all the great wonders of nature no other     
F-rom all the great nations, from mountain to vale,  
G-ives such a real honour to father and mother     
I-n height weight and beauty as young Hannah Dale.     
A-nd as to her cheerful and fresh-coloured features,     
N-oble-formed head with her silky waved hair,     
T-here is not such another amongst human creatures,     
E-ven Royal descendents must fail to compare.     
S-he's so unassuming and void of pretensions,     
S-o happy in mind, and remarkably clean.     
E-ach day she improves her enormous dimensions     
S-ufficient to crown her the Giantess Queen.