North Staffs Dialect Queen's English

Indure Boules

Wey pleene a game dine thí village haw,

Itís cawed indure bouls.

Aw it is, yer trine yer best,

Et individual rouls.

Yer dunner neyd fer bey a pro,

(Thatís wey aw plee, yer know)

Fer plee this simple game,

`Cos any lad a lass can plee,

Thatís worthy a thí name.

Yer dunna neyd go Eton Schoo,

Ner that one at Harrer,

Noo Oxford-Cambridge pass required,

Theyse things dunner marrer.

Itís awes pleed with gud intent,

With noo Ďard feylins ever meant,

Wen theyse big men getten fawin ite,

An cawsin waas en such,

If theene cum join us in a boul,

Theed sey it dunner marrer much.

So letís keep boulin strait on tru,

An awees keep th, jack in vue,

Sose when wey getten on our last run,

Weyne heer ar Captain sey ďWell DunĒ



L. Ecclestone, Mow Cop

Indoor Bowls

We are playing a game down the Village Hall Itís called indoor bowls.
All it is, you try your best,
At individual rolls.
You donít need to be a pro,
(Thatís why I play, you know)
To play this simple game,
Because any lad or lass can play,
Thatís worthy of the name.
You donít need to go (to) Eaton School,
Nor that one at Harrow,
No Oxford-Cambridge pass required,
These things donít matter.
Itís always played with good intent,
With no hard feelings ever meant,
When these big men get falling out,
And causing fuss and such,
If you come and join us in a bowl,
Youíd see it doesnít matter much.
So letís keep bowling straight and true,
And always keep the jack in view,
So when we are on our last run,
We will hear the captain say ďwell doneĒ

Translated E. Frith