Mow Cop Kille mile in verse

Competitors sign up for the killer mile,
They all start off running, some do it with style,
From the station to the castle, is where they all run,

Some are the professionals, some just for fun,
The killer mile attracts a lot of folk,
Some staff run, for Radio Stoke,
Competitors start off, at a rapid pace,
After quarter of a mile, it is a slower race,
They grunt and groan and get very hot,
The crowds line the road, and shout a lot,
Grimacing faces, it shows the strain,
Some say they won't run it, ever again.
Spectators shout, and cheer their own athlete,
To watch them run is a specialist treat,
Certificates are awarded, for those that have run,
The old and the young, it is very hard for some,
The killer mile, is run up a very steep hill,
Competitors are exhausted, and some fall ill,
Marshals line the course, to help and protect,
And see that the killer mile is all run correct,
St John Ambulance, stand by, for sick girls and boys,
The crowds cheer for them loudly they do make a noise,
When the race is finished, they go to the Cheshire View pub,
Welcome cool drink and eating pub grub.