Mow Cop Music

The Old Man of Mow copyright 2006 Trevor Caswell

Trevor Caswell is a Canadian Folk singer. Trevor contacted me some time ago and wanted to know more about Mow Cop specifically the Old Man O'Mow. Trevor was given a book on the Old Man O'Mow as a child and remember it vividally enough to write a song about it.
You can download the song above and if you like it then visit his site and hear more.


Northwest of Scholar Green lies Mow Cop
Miles away from my Nicola town
and if you are patient when you look around
you'll find the Old Man of Mow

High on a hill overlooking the quarry grounds
you'll have to climb up if you want to find out
There is a way, but no one can tell you how
to find the Old Man of Mow

My mama she gave a book when I was just a boy
the turning of pages has so much to tell
There's stories that stay with us all as we travel on
just be sure to remember the words of the well

Whatever tomorrow might bring doesn't matter much
the sun or the rain makes no difference at all
If the angle is right and you get your mind around
you'll find the Old Man of Mow

The signs they don't always point where you want to go
The answers you want may not be what you find
but don't let the brick works grab you and weigh you down
afterall you are wonderfully one of a kind

Looking around for the Old Man of Mow